Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Time

Hazy crazy lazy days of summer…

There are no lazy days at this house.  Watching the hustle and bustle of children working on quilts without prompting makes my heart go pitter-pat.  Laura and Emily are my latest protégés in my quilting world and I have teased more than one customer that since they won’t let me quit quilting for people, it is never too early to groom my replacement.  I get great joy teaching someone how to cut fabric apart and sew it back together again and I have been blessed with many instances of sharing something I love so much with the next generation.

 Laura got to quilt her first quilt this year using my Gammill.  One of the prerequisites is you have to be tall enough.  I have my machine set up pretty high to make it easier on my back and my neck and I don’t really care if other people think it is awkward to use my machine. I quilt 5 days a week and my comfort is most important.  I cringe a little when the kids do use the machine since it is my daily job to get your quilts done when promised.  If the machine goes down due to negligence or an unforeseen mishap, I get behind schedule and that is never a good thing.

Before the quilting though, comes the construction. I have had quite the sweat shop going here lately and thought I’d share a few pictures.

Laura and Emily are busy doing what they need to do. Emily pins sitting on the floor and Laura does an excellent rendition of our friend, Pattie, crawling around getting all the blocks in the perfect spot.

I got blocks done for one of my own.  My friend, Pattie, lays out the blocks for me.  She surely loves me.  I cannot get on the floor to do this anymore and she is so gracious to do the crawling around for me.  She has some help, though.  Kiwi and Ducky supervised this job.

The finished layout job gets stacked back into rows and I take them home to sew together.  The finished quilt will be a future post! <GRIN>