Sunday, October 6, 2013

Somebody LOVES purple!

Where did all the purple go?

A child perusing my stash of fabric early this summer claimed we were out of purple. Where did it all go?

Where indeed!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Another lovely quilt show

Streetsboro Quilt Show 2013

Pattie got up early today to get us to the Streetsboro quilt show early enough to shop in Rosemary’s booth of vintage quilt tops before anybody else had a chance to paw through them.

Rosemary is a retired teacher who spends a lot of time perusing flea markets and antique shops for quilt tops that need someone to love them.  I make it a point every time I go to this show to stop in her booth and find a treasure to add to my collection.  Many I have quilted, but some are just treasures I wanted to bring home and have under my watchful eye for some future use.

Rosemary's booth of treasures!

Pattie thinks I always find the best thing in there and she only gets seconds, so I let her have at it in the booth before I made my choice today.  There were many lovely quilt tops to choose from and I was sorely tempted by more than one or two.  I only purchased one top, though, and that is a good thing.  I do have quite a collection already.  Pattie bought a lovely antique with fabric dating to the late 1880’s  I did not think to take pictures of our two finds.

This quilt show fills the church to bursting every year and is always a joy to attend.  I see many friends I haven’t seen in ages and I get to see lots of quilts I have done for my customers.  It is like a walk through memory lane.  I do so many quilts each year it is hard for me to remember all of them.  Often I will be standing in front of one, loving what I am looking at, feeling a familiar pull and when I read the tag I see I have quilted it.  I can’t explain it, and sometimes it is just plain weird but I don’t remember every face I see, so I guess it is normal to not remember a quilt.

I believe Pattie and I may have been very close to the first people through the door this morning, as not long afterwards I heard someone exclaim that “they are lined up out in the parking lot waiting to get in.”  I was happy we had arrived early enough for a parking spot.  Many were parking on the grass.

Emily and Laura each entered two quilts and received participation ribbons.  I was hoping they might place; they both did a lovely job on their quilts.

Emily and Laura's quilts, 2 each!

I won a ribbon with my recent quilting project that Pattie fondly calls “Argyle.”  I call it "A Pathway to No Where Can Still Be Interesting."  I got a blue ribbon for my efforts and a ribbon for Best Use of Color.