Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dog and Pony

I was asked to bring my dog and pony show to the Common Threads guild meeting and speak about my addiction. I dragged my friend, Pattie, along to help sort, hold and fold.  We had dinner beforehand and got to the meeting 30 minutes early.  We sat in the parking lot waiting for someone to arrive with a key and we watched the snow blow off the roof of the church and hope that the storm that was coming would not arrive before we got home.

Our evening was quite successful.  The talk went well, the showing of the quilts was greatly appreciated and I got to share my treasures with people who appreciated looking at them.

Many of the quilts in my collection are tops I have rescued from various places and quilted, and a fine array of quilts that were made by my mother and great grandmother.  It is a joy to share them.