Friday, October 27, 2017

A new house, a new life!

I can hear Norma’s voice telling me I haven’t written a new blog in a long time and I’d better get to it. This one’s for you Norma.

My life has been in a changing mode for many moons now and it’s finally stopped being chaos and turning into life again. I got wise to the ways of apartment living and started looking for a house when I got a new dog. I miss Angus and Fiona a lot. Eubha was a charming young lady but she had no personality and did not understand she was even a dog until the last few months of her 17 years. The new puppy, Jake, has mighty big paws to fill to come close to Angus, but he is capable of filling them. He is a character.
My studio in Cuyahoga Falls is as different to quilt in as living in an apartment was to living in a house. I live in a home again. I still quilt in the studio in CF. It’s nice. I don’t miss the cars zooming up and down the boulevard because it was a convenient cut through for hundreds each day. I don’t miss having to sleep with closed windows to drown the sound.

I will dispense with the words and go straight to the pictures. This is a smattering of customer quilts and my quilts for the past 14 or 15 months. I have many more to share, but it will be another day, as my internet is being stinky.