Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Resolutions are a work in progress!


I made a New Year’s Resolution on January 1st, 2015, to finish tops I have that need to be quilted.  I always seem to have something of my own in the tub to be quilted and I have a cupboard of rescued tops that sit there day after day looking pretty but never getting closer to being usable.  Since I know I won’t stop making tops (but I CAN stop purchasing ones that someone else didn’t finish) and I want to see some good come of what I do for fun, I thought I’d challenge myself.

My goal was to do at least one of mine a week, rescue or tub, whatever moved me or whatever was easiest to get on the frame, and just get them DONE.

On March 31st I had 16 done! That was better than a weekly average of one! I may not get 52 tops quilted this year, I am quilting a lot of custom quilts this year and they make me too tired to think some weeks, but I have made progress I am happy with at this point in the year.  I have had a week of vacation in that time frame and I did at least 3 during that time off. 

The little quilts are crib quilts that get donated to local charities. My sister made 225 crib tops for me to quilt and donate.  I am almost done with them. The larger quilts are going to grace the quilt room for inspiration.  I sent 36 larger quilts to charitable organizations this year so I could get a fresh look in my studio. I know someone is enjoying the ones I sent on.  I enjoyed looking at them for a while.
crib 1

crib 2

crib 3

crib 4
offset log cabin inspired by customer quilt

crib 5
rescue 9 patch

close up of quilting of quilt above

strippy jelly roll quilt done from a picture

 The Rest of Bill's shirt. Quilt #2 that I made with this pattern. The first one was red and yellow and i called it Bill's Shirt because the white in the 9 patches was from Bill's shirt!

Stars over Shallot (Bonnie Hunter Design)

Bear Paw made from bonus half square blocks, my design

Whirly gig, my design
crib 6