Friday, December 14, 2012

Scrap Management

Scrap Management

One of the magic moments of quilting is realizing that any fabric plays well with another as long as something ties it all together.

I spent at least 18 months convincing myself of this very fact.  

Finding fabrics that work well together when I did not purchase fabrics for something specific has always been the bane of my creative existence.  I have bought tons of fabric in my lifetime and I have made most of my choices solely on the way the fabric looks.  I like the color, or I like the texture.  I rarely look at the pattern, what I am after is a color value.  Many times my foray into a fabric store was to purchase a color that was missing from what I had in my cupboard.  I seem to use up some colors faster than others.  I wonder why!

My love affair with fabric is a mystery to me sometimes and I worry that I have gotten in over my head.  When I want to start a new project I usually find a block I like and then I sit down with my EQ7 program and design a quilt top so I can do the math and know how much fabric I need.  Since scrap quilts are my favorite, I want to know ahead of time how many fabrics to pull.  If there is a focus fabric I have it on the table to see if what I pull works with it.  If I don’t have a focus fabric, I make sure the quilt I am designing will have sashing or a border I can use to tie all the scrappy fabrics together.

There always seems to be something left over so I will cut it smaller and put it in a box to use in another project.  As the pieces become smaller they still have usefulness, I just have to be more creative!

Trying to use it up becomes scrap management and I like to design projects that the little pieces can star in.


  1. And I will always remember the quilting lady who said "If you don't like your fabric you just havn't cut it small enough!"

  2. I think you are so very clever with your quilting.
    I love those two bottom quilts, but not the top one.
    The diagonal stripes hurt my eyes, but the colours do work well together.