Saturday, January 26, 2013

Black Opal

What inspires you?

What is inspiration?  What little thing can spark your imagination and inspire you to create something awesome?

I asked someone what her favorite colors were because I wanted to make a quilt for her.  She told me the colors in a picture I had on my Facebook page were all her.  I took a good look at it and fixed it in my mind and every time I went to a quilt shop I found more colors to add to the mix.  I eventually had a wonderful collection of pinks, blues and purples to satisfy the scrappy gene that dictates how all my quilts must be made and I set about cutting squares.


This particular quilt is called Black Opal and can be found in a book called Spectacular Scraps.  The quilt in the book is made by Margaret Rolfe.  I must give credit where it is due, as this quilt in the book inspired me to follow the colors in the picture.  Margaret had a few more pinks, and hers were all deeper in hue.  All the quilts in this book are made with half square triangles and I knew when I saw the Black Opal I needed to use it as my pattern.

The picture of the flag pole, though, is what caused me to pull the colors I pulled, gathered, and begged for.

Unfortunately the person this quilt was originally for has left my sphere of acquaintances and now the quilt will be mine.  I would have been hard pressed to let it go.  It is much lovelier than I imagined even looking at the pieces in the box waiting to be assembled.

Last year I went to a quilt retreat in Amish country and about all I sewed on for 4 days straight was Black Opal.  I made my quilt bigger than the picture and I needed 1152 half square triangles.  I swear if I had not sat down for 4 straight days and sewn 1152 half square triangles, this quilt would never had made it to completion!  That’s a lot of triangles!

I do love the result, though and now it is on the stack of quilts to be quilted.  

What will inspire me next?


  1. That is the Most Fabulous quilt!!!
    It's gorgeous!
    What inspires me?
    House plans. You know when a building company advertises its home styles and the floor plans are right there on the page? I can doodle around on those for hours. Add a patio here, a window there...even planning the garden around it.

  2. Here's a tip: don't comment on someone's post when you have onions frying in the kitchen.....oops!

  3. Is there anything as satisfying as creation? A friend and I have started a little craft circle and are making decorative pins for our upcoming "Gal-entine's" Party.

    You know. :-) A Valentine's day party for us gals.


  4. It's beautiful! I'm just now starting one and it will be a bit darker. Had to scurry around to get enough Thangles!