Saturday, August 3, 2013

Did you ever ask yourself why you waited so long?

Test driving the new wheels!

I got Edge Rider wheels on my Gammill.  They are amazingly silent and glide so smoothly on the rails.  I am sorry I waited so long to make the quilting experience even more delightful.

Yesterday my husband and I argued our way through getting them on and making the adjustments that had to be made.  Figuring out which side of the machine is the front and which side is the front right was our biggest challenge until we got to the vertical hold problem! The magnet on the front rail dragged after the wider wheels went on and the adjustment was difficult to accomplish.  Because I LIKE having the vertical hold when I need it I wanted it adjusted right.  That happened.  It took a while, but it happened. The machine glides like butter.  I am so pleased.

Today I put on a little quilt and I’m sitting on the stool trying out the movement and now I can happily say AGAIN, bring on those customs.  The machine is no longer fighting me.  YIPPEE!

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  1. There's nothing quite like getting everything worked out and running smoothly!