Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quilt Show!

Western Reserve Quilters Anonymous

Over the weekend I went to a small local quilt show with my friend, Pattie. I had never heard of this small guild and I am glad someone sent me an email to tell me about the show. I saw a lot of people there that I know and I saw several quilts in the show that I had quilted for customers. It’s always nice to see my name as the quilter.

The show was in the basement of a church. There was little room to hang quilts so many of them were draped over pews and chairs and other creative displays. There was enough room for several vendors and they had a stage with demonstrations of quilting and other quilt related quilting procedures people always want to have more knowledge of.

My favorite quilt was a wonderful old quilt that is a Trip around the World, or maybe Boston Commons since it was set rectangle style instead of diamond style. I love looking at the old patterns in the vintage fabric.

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