Thursday, November 21, 2013

Working at home

A little knock on the front door yesterday at 9 am and a man introduces himself as Mike when I answer.  He asks if I am the quilter and I wave him into the studio.  He works locally and sees my sign every day and has this idea about a gift for his girlfriend for Christmas. (Yesterday was November 20th) He wants me to construct a blanket for her kind of like something one of his sisters created for their grandparents that had a tree of life with branches going off with the names of each family member and a zipper at each name.  When you unzip the zipper there was something inside about that person (honestly, I had quit listening at “tree of life”).  I tell him I don’t sew for people, I quilt for people.  That making something like that is not possible in my schedule.  Oh, he did not really understand exactly what my process involved; he obviously stopped listening at “I’m a quilter.”
I tell him if someone assembled the “blanket” he wanted, I could schedule it for quilting but there was no possibility I could do it for this Christmas as I am scheduled out into March of 2014 already.  Ah, he was unaware how busy I could be. Ok, he decides he will think up another idea for his girlfriend’s Christmas present and he goes on his merry way.

Today the cat is bored.  I wish I could video the sound he makes running back and forth through the studio as he races from window to window.  There must be some pretty interesting stuff going on outside he has to keep track of.  He is fortunate we have so many windows!  The dog on the other hand is scared witless over the cat’s antics.  The cat swats the dog at every opportunity and is just a little bully.  The dog stays on her bed waiting for biscuits and meal time.  Oh and the occasional walk.

It is cold out.  The fire is blazing merrily in the Franklin stove at the back of the room.  A candle burns to eliminate the smoke. I am finishing up a custom quilt a day early so I am dreaming of quilting another of my own tops tomorrow.  I plan also to sew a little between bouts of quilting; it is how I get stuff done.

It is almost lunch time so when I go make my lunch I will put ingredients into the bread machine for a loaf of bread to go with the soup I will make for dinner. 
I really do love working at home.  I am blessed.

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  1. Hi, Joanne Noragon advised me to look you up - I got bitten by the quilting bug yesterday (I've been holding it at bay for while now...) when friends took me to a local 'quiltery'! I'm looking forward to exploring your blog - and getting some inspiration!

    SueH (blogging over at The Knitting Assassin! )