Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Job Ever

Best Job Ever

I have worked at some job since I was 16.  I have sewn aprons for the rubber company people who make tires.  I have silk screened logos onto ski bags.  I sold burgers at a fast food joint that no longer exists.  I worked at a drive-thru Dairy store where you could buy cigarettes, milk and lunch meat without ever exiting your car. 

There was a 4 year stint at an electronics firm that made computer cables from start to finish. I worked the longest time span of 7 years at an advertising print shop as shift supervisor.  I left the business world behind from this job when I married in my early 30’s and I spent some of this new found free time with my mom who was also newly retired and liked to hop in the car and go for short or long trips on the spur of the moment.


I can honestly say I loved every job I did. I learned so much and had a lot of wonderful experiences.  I met people who broadened my view of the world and I became the person I am today through the process of living my life.


Work is something that needs to be done and I am a firm believer you should do what you love.  Even though I loved all those jobs as I did them, I grew out of all of them at some point and had to break off the relationship and move on.  I “retired” at the age of 31 when my husband said I could leave a horrible situation where my job had degraded into mental abuse and a massive test of wills.  If you are not the boss, you will probably lose a test of wills.  There is no reason to work where you get shabby treatment.


Women have long struggled to gain a foothold in a man’s world and I gave up trying.  I did stick it out for a time, but I turned to my creativity in the end and started doing something that satisfied deeper urges.  All the jobs have led me to what I do now.  I learned skills I would never had learned in any other situation.


My first venture into the world of self-employment involved looms, my sister, and 20 years selling hand- made clothing, bags and rugs.  This was satisfying hard work that did not involve testing any wills other than my own to get all that needed to be done each week to prepare for the weekend art show my sister would take the finished goods to sell.


Leaving weaving behind evolved into quilting.  Each picture is a quilt I quilted this week.  I did not have to piece any of them.  They are all fabulous and I got to touch them and add something to them to help complete a vision someone had while creating a thing of beauty.  This is the Best Job Ever!

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