Friday, November 16, 2012

Chicken Run

Chicken Run

The nice thing about working from home is having my own schedule.  I can work at a pace suited to the day.  If I can’t get done today, I can push it into tomorrow because I can be flexible with my time.
Today’s quilt is day 2 of a 3 day custom job.  Each day I set a goal for how much of the custom work I feel needs to be done to keep on schedule.  I am very close today.  I just have to finish the feathers in the border and today’s work will be accomplished. 
All this is being said because we are out of chicken and I need to go to Gerber’s Poultry in Kidron, Ohio to stock up.  I would think up any excuse to get in the car and take a trip to Amish country on a fine sunny November day, and it would usually revolve around a quilt shop.  But the chicken excuse is good enough for today. Soon the snow will be flying and the cold air will make me think more than twice about going outside, but today, this chilly weather is offset by the gorgeous sunshine and my need to have chicken in the freezer for meal planning.
There were lots of farm animals enjoying the day but I did not get any good pictures of the assortment of goats, sheep, donkeys and cows out and about.  It is a tad warmer in this area of Ohio and many of the trees still hold their Fall colors.  The fields are being plowed in preparation for the winter. All’s well in this world.

The horse trailers were lining up in Kidron to drop off stock for an auction we were fortunate to miss.  It can get pretty hectic trying to maneuver through the horse drawn traffic, the semis and the tourists gawking at every little thing.
Mission accomplished, home with enough chicken to get us through the next few months.


  1. So that's your secret chicken shop. Good eating.

  2. they are plowing the fields here too and glad they are to keep the fire danger down due to lack of rain here in winter.

  3. Amish country -- it holds a romantic allure for me. How simple it would be to live like that, to work hard and fall asleep at night knowing you're in charge of your own destiny.

    :-) Man. I need a new job, I think!


    1. I'd keep my day job, Pearl. It smells pretty bad in Amish country on a hot humid day near the pig barns.