Friday, February 22, 2013

Great Aunts

What makes a Great Aunt great?

A few days ago Laura asked me if I could make her friend, Melanie, a notebook cover like I made for Laura (and a lot of other children) a Christmas or two ago.  Of course I can’t say no.  I like Melanie and Laura doesn’t ask for much.

I did get some specific instructions from Melanie on color and decoration, which are moot in a sense.  Laura’s cover was made from a practice piece of fabric and the placement of design was all by chance.  Sounds good in direction giving, but they are both only 11, what can I say.

I had a day or two for me this week because of overbooking days for a quilt I thought would take longer.  I can’t complain since it is nice to have an easy week once in a while, and I got to quilt some of my things.  I put a yard of fabric on the frame yesterday in the colors specified and after quilting it and cutting out one, there was enough to make at least one more, so I made a cover for me, too.

I can’t remember where I put the directions, I only know I found them in a magazine a year or two ago, so finding the correct magazine was going to be hard.  Looking at Laura’s cover was much easier, I could measure, I just had to remember the order of construction.

All went well and I got two little covers done today.  They are designed to fit over a Composition book you can buy for $1 at Staples for school supply season.  I usually purchase a dozen at a time because the kids like them and they are my favorite notebook to carry to meetings and take notes in.

Last photo is a shot of the lovely flowers still smelling great and looking good from my hubby for Valentine’s day.


  1. I like the fabric for the book covers. The roses are beautiful too and are lasting really well!

  2. It looks exactly like your written instructions to me. You do win the great Aunt award!

  3. The notebook covers are really nice and I love that your roses are surviving so well.