Thursday, March 7, 2013

My kind of Diamonds!

Working working working.

I’ve been working diligently on a brown and green scrap strip quilt.  I had planned to make it only 60” x 60” which would require 100 blocks, but somewhere along the line I got the bright idea to make it big enough for a twin bed.

In the mean time I gave my husband a job which involved supervising a little girl staining the baseboard that got put up when the new flooring went in a year or two ago.  Somehow he managed to make the fabric disappear that was the focus of this particular quilt.  I hear that no good deed goes unpunished, but I hate to believe in negative stuff.  I searched high and low for that piece of fabric because I had not finished cutting all the strips I needed for the 100 blocks.  Laura noticed I was looking for something one day and asked what it was.  I explained about the fabric and she said she remembered seeing it when she and Uncle Tom were staining the baseboard.  Great; visual confirmation of its existence, at least!

After one more fruitless search I took one of the strips I had cut to the quilt shop I bought it from originally and fortunately for me there was still some on the bolt.  I bought another half yard, knowing that would at least get me through the 100 blocks.

Like all good lost and found stories, as soon as I replaced it, I turned over a pile of fabric that was some place it was not supposed to be and voila’! the missing fabric makes an appearance.  See where this is going?  Now I have enough fabric to make the quilt bigger!  To make a 60 inch square quilt into something that would cover a twin bed, I now have to make 168 blocks.  Oy.

I struggled to get that last 68 done, but I finally managed to do the last of the blocks on the day before my Monday visit to Pattie’s house.  She lays out the blocks for my quilts. Joy! She spent a couple of hours crawling around on her living room floor making the blocks look good.  I get to sit in the magic chair and supervise.  I am not allowed to get on my knees anymore after having surgery a couple of years ago.

She gathered them into the piles for the rows, I numbered them and they have come home to be sewn into rows.

I have enough fabric for binding.  Lucky me!

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