Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sewing for Babies

Baby Quilts

Today the quilt I quilted was a baby quilt a friend made for a soon to arrive Grand Niece or Grand Nephew.
The style of this quilt runs along the lines of the charity quilts I make, with a simple addition of stripes on the side.  

This friend puts lime green in every quilt she makes. Sometimes it is a very small piece and other times it is the dominant feature.

I think this quilt works well for a baby, it is bright and interesting and best of all, it is DONE before baby arrives!
The focus fabric is very interesting and lends itself well to being able to pull so many colors from it to build an interesting array of blocks.

The back is fun and interesting as well.

What baby wouldn't be pleased with this!


  1. Dear Janice, I came over from your sister's blog so I might see this lovely baby's quilt. I'm so glad that you showed up individual blocks. EAch time I'd go back to the top photograph and find those you mentioned. I'm not a quilter but I do so appreciate the creativity and artistry of quilting. Thank you for sharing. I believe the baby will be truly comforted by this quilt and its lovely colors. Peace.

  2. Over from Joanne's blog. Last year my grandson Benjamin was born. I went all crazy and made three quilts, in varying sizes and degrees of difficulty. Love your choices here. The fabrics are so fun.