Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Have to Begin Somewhere

The Chauffeur can sew!

I have two customers who always come to the studio together.  They drop off and pick up their quilts as a pair.  The daughter of one has driven them here since the beginning.  I can’t even tell you how long I have quilted for them.  The daughter is cheerful and works at McDonalds.  They come around her schedule.  She always has treats for the animals and she occasionally has an opinion about the pattern or the thread color her mother chooses for her various quilts.

Whole quilt
Last week they came to drop off the two quilts that are on my schedule for this week and the daughter is very excited because not only is this quilt her quilt, but she has pieced it as well.  All input for thread and pattern is hers alone.  
Center Block

One of the four legs of the pinwheel
Ann was worried I would reject her quilt because it was not perfect and she knew it and she would understand if I said I could not quilt it.  I laughed.  I can quilt just about anything, so there won’t be a problem there.  Happy with my answer, she chose her pattern and thread choices and turned to call Toby and Eubha to come get their treats.

Ann’s first quilt is quite nice and I’m sure she will be pleased with the results. I know I am.


  1. This is so nice. I wonder if she's hooked, now she has a stash started. And, that sewing surely passes my inspection. You wouldn't catch me trying those little triangley things.

  2. Lovely things quilts hope she keeps going, I love the feel of them. When they are old they feel even better, softer.

  3. I'm sorry I had to scroll past that one very quickly, it was jarring to the eyes. But it's truly wonderful to hear of younger people picking up the quilting bug.