Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tooting my own horn

Quilting Winners

I went to the Cascade Quilt guild quilt show this weekend and was delighted to see so many of my customers quilts not only hanging, but possessing ribbons.  
Colorwash designed pieced and quilted by Janice Kiser - Blue Ribbon and Vendors Choice
I love winning a ribbon.  It means I did a fine job sewing my little pieces together, I made it pleasing enough to attract a judge’s good opinion and the quilting I put on it enhanced it to the point it was ribbon worthy.
Black Opal pieced and quilted by Janice Kiser - 2nd place
The only thing I love more than getting a ribbon for MY work is seeing my customers getting ribbons for their work.

I quilted 13 of the ribbon winners in this show of 110 quilts.  That’s pretty good odds in my opinion.  
Chain Gang by D. Shives - Blue Ribbon
Fair and Square by D. Shives - Blue Ribbon

Granny's Enchanted Garden by J. Stevens - Blue Ribbon
Granny's E G backside view
Quilter's Garden (I only quilted the outer border on this) by J. Vogel -  2nd place
Hopscotch by D. Shives  - Blue Ribbon

Lovers Knot by A. Burgess (no ribbon :-(

From my front porch by V. Smith (no ribbon :-(
Snowmen by R. Benge - Blue Ribbon

My Inspiration (Dear Jane) by R. Waybright  - 2nd place
Points and Crowns by K Hummel (part of silent auction)
Paper Lanterns  by K Hummel - 2nd place
Posies for my Red Hats by R. Benge - Blue Ribbon
And I am especially pleased that my friend who entered a quilt for the very first time got Best of Show.  She is not sure she wants to enter again, as she has achieved the highest honor first time out!
Friday's Child owned by P Melago, maker unknown - Blue Ribbon and BEST OF SHOW

Friday's Child owned by P Melago, maker unknown - Blue Ribbon and BEST OF SHOW


  1. They are all beautiful, but I especially like Colorwash and Friday's Child. What a heap of talent at that show!

  2. I love quilts tho I am not a quilter. I think my face of all these amazing quilts is the one of the different panels of flowers.

  3. You, and your friends, did exceptionally well. And thank you so much for showing us the incredible back to Grannie's Enchanted Garden.
    Your work on Friday's Child is truly beautiful. I expect the maker is dancing a jig of joy in heaven (or hell).

  4. I do like quilts and know how much work is involved, they are all lovely but granny enchanted garden is my pick as the best.

  5. Janice, Those are beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Dear Jan, I came over from your sister Joanne's blog to visit yours and see these awesome quilts. Congratulations for all your ribbons and also for being such a fine teacher. I taught in schools for many years and like you I found myself so pleased when my students did well. And when they did even better than I'd ever dreamed of doing I felt such a glow of gratitude for what they were teaching me and such pride in their work. Peace.

  7. Congratulations! Loved Colorwash and Black Opal, the best of all shown.